Err…where to start. Ok, somewhere around 2005 when this was originally recorded and shelved by I assume Jimmy I guess. Or whoever the Californian behind this is. Yeah. Now it’s here. Just what the…   what the Hell is it? Well

It’s lots of slide guitar. Bluesy. Blackened death metal.

Yep. Got that right. Basically it sounds like a really fucked up Goatsnake and Roky Erickson getting into a Scissorfight with Teitanblood, Conan and Venom. Yeah, that kinda fucked up. This is a lunatic guitarist’s album full of chaotic, bludgeoning riffs, slide or otherwise, swirling around the head of some humanity hating hillbilly gone blind and mad sucking the moonshine out of rats’ corpses from the still.

Sometimes like on ‘Descent To The Depths’ it almost becomes coherent as a mostly clear guitar line loops around some ranted vocals bringing a Captain Beefheart on the edge feel. That’s all before it plunges into an abyss of screams and howls and plumbing the abyss riffs and squealing guitar, staggers to a halt and then pulls itself back together in time to fade out.

It’s also fair to say that the…er…production on this is pretty low fi too but that is perfectly in keeping with the insanity on display here. I mean ‘Dragon’s Breath’ with its psychobabble vocals and deep blues sound gone death metal subterranean madness would have sounded stupid with anything else. As it is you get something like Bloodlet’s criminally forgotten book of madness Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees played by a death metal band rather than hardcore.

‘The End Of The Empire’ has that perfect downtuned Goatsnake riff ‘n’ slide sped up and with some picked melody that is almost in tune and some real disharmony vocals. ‘Glory In Gloom’ sandwiches the riffs between Conan, Goatsnake and a drunk busker.

I could just keep on babbling into my fly speckled beard about this and you’d be none the wiser if you don’t get the above spew.

I think this might be one you really have to try. This is insane, gibbering blues, pills, isolation and whiskey soaked blackened death metal. Goatsnake skinned alive by a mutant mountain man and smoked over a liquor still in an attempt to summon the devil. It’s either an incoherent mess recorded as the band falls through rotten floorboards, or it’s a certifiable work of outsider genius.

Umm…where was I?

I’ll go…


(2/10 or 10/10 inversely depending on your current sliding level of sanity Gizmo)