Dalkhu formed in 2003 and J.G is the modern Prometheus behind this beast that has spawned 2 previous creations, and now their latest sacrifice, in the form of ‘Lamentation And Ardent Fire’.

Dalkhu have initiated a brutal blend of Black arts and Death metal to create a monstrous and malevolent 6 track album with J.G. still firmly at the helm in this creative vertebrate cerebrum. The album starts with a pulsating ‘Profanity Galore’ with Kalki providing a ten ton back bone on the drums. The drums exhibit a competent vertebrae and are the nerve centre for this album. All tracks follow a similar path in relation to structure, ferocity and venom. The sound is dirty and raw, and conjures up the audible sensation that each track is born from deep inside purgatory itself.

‘I am ….’ is powerful and apocalyptic with J.G portraying his string skills on both the guitar and the bass. Both are of capable standards and they both decorate the track with intricacy and beauty that glides through the bleak barren landscape of the album.

All Lyrics on the album are penned by J.G. himself except for on ‘Rime’, where the words are laid down by Lucerus. The lyrics are notably different in their construction, yet just as dark and moody as the J.G. style.

‘A Race Without Hope’ is brutal and cavernous with it having altering levels carved into its soul and being. It exploits the trio’s passion and skills and creates a monument of dangerous and sadistic rage. Lucerus’s vocals are yet again pinpoint with the accuracy in which they are dealt and have fury and fire within their depths.

‘Gaps Of Existence’ and ‘The Dead Sleep With Their Eyes Open’ sit side by side on the album, and they are probably the 2 most powerful and evil tracks on the release. Again, Kalki on the drums is a master and provides a solid framework to which J.G. hangs off with the fretwork. Lucerus seems to be spitting the vocals out with more malice and beauty in equal proportions, whilst playing a conductor and instructing us through the dark forest of emotion and splendour.

The album closes with ‘Night’, and again it’s an opportunity for all parties to expel their greatest show to date. The track shines and sums up what has just been put before us.

Dalkhu are a band of little known fame, but with this, their 3rd outing, they are a band who needs more exposure on the live circuit in order for their dirty brand of black metal to get into your souls, and more importantly, infiltrate your vinyl collections.

(8/10 Phil Pountney)