After a debut the prospect of writing more material can seem daunting, was the first album a fluke? Can the band top it? And so forth. However there is also a grip of excitement, of pastures new and paths untrodden. A time to make new waves and to craft the unimaginable. In an ever critical world were all eyes are watching, especially since the dawn of the internet, bands can often be easily swept away of pushed aside. From every genre all over the world new releases make themselves known daily, but it takes a true talent to stand out amongst the crowd.

Making a name for themselves back in 2014 Corpsessed from Finland gave us their debut, Abysmal Thresholds. The album laid lurking amid the Death Metal scene like a rumbling quake. Now is the time for eruption, Impetus Of Death from Dark Descent Records brings hymns of occultism and Lovecraftian might back into the beaconing light. With four long years between their debut and this new tome can Corpsessed spill their murderous lava over the graves of the deceased in a whirlwind of Death Metal?

There is no question, Impetus Of Death has a big sound. Vocally the album is extremely guttural, and at times nigh on Funeral Doom. Couple this with some huge, thick gore ridden riffs and you’ve got yourselves one hell of an album. Opener Impetus Of The Dead is a skull crushing introduction that stirs up images of utter desolation, creating an almost cold air that seems to flow throughout, reaffirming its draft in Endless Plains Of Dust. Each note in this track is like a thunderous echo in the halls of the tomb, shattering cobwebs and breaking coffins with its putrid hammer of dismemberment.

Forlorn Burial drags the miserable Doom guitar sound by its strings into the resting halls of Corpsessed’s Death Metal mausoleum. This track really brings a sort of Funeral Doom resonance to the already depressing album, creating an ongoing image of disgust and melancholy. Then comes the epic, Starless Event Horizon, a massive track of total Death/ Doom carnage, yet one that opens up the casket of wondering. This closer is by far a stand out track and begs the question should Corpsessed focus more on longer songs? Both ends of this release represent some of the best of the bunch and with the Doom influence the idea of a sort of four track release packed with lengthy songs seems devilishly appealing.

Well I would certainly conclude that Corpsessed have made a name for themselves, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this sophomore effort crop up in a few end of year lists. It may exude some pretty generic ideas and atypically Death/ Doom elements but I’ll tell you what, it slays. Impetus Of Death is an album which has given me many a chin stroking moment of contemplation. A thoroughly enjoyable album that makes me wonder just what might come next. If you like really heavy slabs of Metal and a touch of sadness then get your teeth into the rotting meat of Impetus Of Death.

(8/10 George Caley)