After fifteen years and five full length albums, Chrome Division are calling it a day and this, appropriately titled album is their last.

Now if you’re not familiar with the band, they started life as a Motorhead inspired rock and roll side project for Dimmu Borgir frontman Shagrath. Happy to take a bit of a back seat music-wise and concentrate on rhythm guitar ol’ Shaggy Two-Bands and the boys have put out a series of damn fine whiskey fuelled, biker friendly Motor-rock  and it’ll be a shame to see them go as I’ve been a fan since their first album “Doomsday Rock & Roll”. Incidentally they are also responsible for one of the best album titles ever in 2008’s “Booze Broads & Beelzebub”

Now having the Shagmeister on board in any capacity obviously drew a lot of eyes and ears to the band and, like mine, most of us have stayed fans as we may have been intrigued as to what the Norwegian goth space-yeti was up to but once we heard the records we realised this was indeed a “proper” band….and still is.

Following on four years from their last full-length “Infernal Rock Eternal” this is jam packed with punky rock & roll anthems and there’s really zero filler here. Featuring original vocalist Eddie Guz whose throaty pipes are, for my money, superior to the last guy Shady Blue (seriously) every track is a little gem and is guaranteed to get your head nodding, hips shaking and toes tapping ….. be careful as if this happens all at once it looks like you’re having a seizure!

Big surprise and my fave track on the album is “Walk Away In Shame” which features Norwegian pop singer Miss Selia on guest vocals. This is a cracking song and reminds me of say the Motorhead / Girlschool anthem “Please Don’t Touch” only a lot bluesier and with more of a pop sensibility… I must be going soft but this really did it for me.

It’s not all poppy stuff though. Chrome Division remind us exactly who they are on tracks like the totally primitive speed metal shoutalong of “Let’s Drink” and the epic feeling “I’m On Fire Tonight” not to mention the dark, menacing ode to revenge “You’re Dead To Me”.

A belting rock and roll album. If you’re a big fan of the likes of Motorhead, Orange Goblin and Iron Lamb then buy it. You won’t be sorry.

Gutted to see you go lads.

(8.5/10 Mark Eve)