J.L.Rey, aka Phlegeton of technical death metal wizards Wormed has put his considerable skills into a new venture that sees him journeying down gruelling, anguish riddled black metal project in which he does everything of a musical and vocal nature. The moment “Malign Emanatic” starts there is an immediate thrust into a world where sonic obsidian malfeasance exudes from the song in despairing avalanches. The speed is unerring throughout yet tempered with moments of sorrowful agony but within that speed is the manifestation of something inhuman, a non-corporeal onslaught that links seamlessly into “Sepulchral Vault”. The desolate riffing is underpinned by grief stricken vocal emanations that crystallise as ghoulish macabre incantations to utter nightmarish intonations that listen like schizoid auditory echoes.

Whilst classed as an album the release clocks in under 25 minutes and in reality it is probably enough as “Released From Life” continues the barraging blackened bombardment with off kilter guitar hooks that festoon the song like ensnaring barbs. “Metanoia” has a crestfallen aura to it, its dissonant befoulment is riddled with melancholy set against a tyrannical tempo and just when you think it can’t get any more terrifying the speed is increased further to the point of plunging into oblivion, yet retains the utmost perfect control despite the utter pandemonium the song radiates.

Closing this monstrous release is “Incorporeal Gate” which, like the tracks preceding it, begins with unrelenting speed and tormented riffing amidst the torturous vocals, but it is the seething wrathful and wholly annihilating guitar riffs that fully immerse the listener, their unerring unorthodox structure create unworldly discord that pummels through the track until the precipitous change in pace that allows a colossal double bass to saturate the track brilliantly making it stupendously heavy that leads to a feathering of the tune as it fades out leaving you reeling at the obliterating assault you have witnessed.

(9/10 Martin Harris)