I’ve talked about Slam and my love for it so many times on here you readers are probably sick of it. Is that going to stop me however? Absolutely not. Since the end of my high school days I have been an addict towards Death Metal, I took great pleasure in my early days delving into the depths of YouTube, bands like Torsofuck, Waking The Cadaver, Guttural Secrete and many others presenting themselves as new levels of sickness. My ears overflowed with waste to the point that I almost lost interest in the genre. My love has since been entirely rekindled and I even find myself enjoying the bands which once began to turn me away from the Slam ridden abyss.

The Norwegian (now international) Slam legends Kraanium have not only been mainstays to my listening habits but also to the Brutal Death Metal scene. Every release from 2008’s Ten Acts Of Sickening Perversity to 2017’s split with Analepsy has been a goresoaked joy. However last year tragedy struck with the passing of vocalist Martin Funderud, the news shook the Slam world but Kraanium soldiered on. We welcome now Jack Christensen to the mic on his first full length with the band Slamchosis, another promising Brutal Death tome from Comatose Music.

If you want Slams then get involved with Slamchosis, opener Bound To Kill is a blast straight from the good old days of Slam, samples, gore, guttural vocals, muddy guitars, rumbling bass and sheer relentless Brutal Death Metal barbarity all topped off with skull crushing Slams. It’s safe to say that Kraanium are back, bringing with them a sound that seems to blow all others away. Huge Slams are found throughout with some highlights amongst Blob Of Inhuman Metamorphic Transfusion, Larva Infested Cum Sluts, Slam Her Guts Out and Face Fucked With A Brick. Genuinely this is Slam at its best.

The only negative I could point out would be the re-recording of Midget Fucker, although it is a great song and equally shows Jack Christensen can live up to the legacy of Martin Funderud it would have been better replaced by another Slam infused new song. None the less that is a very small point and for those whom are not familiar with Kraanium’s earlier works serves as a sort of gateway. All in all if you enjoy Slam or even if your view of the genre has been tainted due to the more recent surge of bands then check Slamchosis it could well be the Brutal Death Metal release of the year.

I’m absolutely sure that Martin Funderud would be extremely pleased with this new age for Kraanium and it is an achievement in itself that the band have managed to craft such a masterpiece following such devastation. As a long time fan of this band I can safely say not a single release has ever disappointed me and Slamchosis is no different, move aside modern Slam, Kraanium are back in business.

(9/10 George Caley)