Well after the initial play through, this album pretty much writes its own review. These Swedes, now into album number three, take a modern stance on classic rock. Wow, does this deliver. I found them only recently via a 7 inch single, so I was waiting for this to get out in the review listings.

When you hear the opener ‘Get Out’ and listen to the vocal phrasing, it’s like Bruce Dickinson is doing a duet with Ian Gillan. The comparisons don’t stop there either. A laid back approach and forceful delivery of the majority of tracks is a perfect hybrid between Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, UFO and even stylistically in some parts, latter day Iron Maiden. Not only does each track grab you by the short and curlies, but they take a different stance within each other, meaning they change the tempo and style. The two tracks more notable for this are ‘Deadline’ (a Maiden/DIO combination with a hard rock sound) and the closer ‘Slutet’. ‘Set Fire to the Sky’ has your UFO boogie and classic rock vibe, the same could be said for ‘Ain’t No Fool’. A definite stand out for me is ‘Caught in the Night’.

Speaking of ‘Caught in the Night’, it is fast paced, and displays a great explosion of blue’s riffs and hard rock gusto; melting the beard oil off the new breed of sophisticated retro individuals. Its toe tapping, head nodding, pure perfection and a great tune to crank up the volume too. You think of Deep Purple’s ‘Fireball’ during the start to ‘Looking Out’ and taking their cue from some of the movers and shakers in that field, they make it modern and refreshing. The cowboy theme entertains you to the sultry sounds of ‘Time is Running Out’. Hypnos can take you to so many emotive planes; ‘Time is Running Out’ slips you off into a dreamland of tranquillity, a clever touch of genius.

‘Set Fire to the Sky’ hits all the right notes, it’s a smooth, sophisticated and masterful piece of music taking in classic rock and metal influences and presenting them for us lucky people in modern times. It is an album that’s had me hooked form the start, an album that never made me wince or wander. That makes for a great album. Be sure to check out another live appearance in the UK later this year with Lizzies.

(9/10 Paul Maddison)