The Northern Irish fun filled thrash attack is back once again as Gama Bomb prepare to drop their payload of explosive and infectious thrash with album #6. Featuring some artwork which could rightfully be mistaken for a Judas Priest release, this 12-track, sub 40 minute slice of classic 80’s metal goodness is filled to the brim with the usual style and flair the five piece are known for. Tongue in cheek humour, keen social observation orientated lyrics, gratuitous NWOBHM and classic thrash spirit and sound with a modern edge, “Speed Between The Lines” is taking a 3-point stance and waiting on the starting gun.

“Give Me Leather” is your typical Gama Bomb opening, the classic 80’s metal approach kicks things off with the usual assault of dramatic vocal wailings and rapid-fire guitar riffing. Catchy vocal hooks and Rob Halford styled falsetto shrieks go hand in hand with the surging pace and slight punkish edge and the lead guitar wailings top it off giving the album a solid start. “A Hanging” brings the fun factor with the Jello Biafra styled vocals and the slick delivery over the tight thrash riffing and the follow-up “666 Teen” is more in the Municipal Waste crossover feel, high energy and some sweet sounding breakdown section riffs. With this opening run of 3 tracks, you get a solid feel for how the rest of the album will come across. Whilst some may say that this predictability is a negative, for Gama Bomb it works.

This ‘trend’ allows for tracks which have the potential to be live powerhouses to stand tall. “Bring Out The Monster” has a great entertainment factor in the vocal delivery area and an intro section which makes this a track to listen out for live. “Motorgeist” is a solid slice of classic 80’s thrash which will cause plenty of neck-aches and “We R Going 2 Eat U” does an ‘Anthrax’ and will no doubt catch plenty of folk in the mosh it will create. The obligatory, socio-political inspired track “Alt Reich” is vicious in its delivery, heaping contempt on its subject theme and showing off the punk-influence many forget about when thrash is concerned. Given the current climate, it will no doubt become a firm fan favourite, as will “Kurt Russell”, the track which is equal parts a tribute to the man who faced off with Lo-Pan and Gama Bomb nonsense!

Basically, “Speed Between The Lines” is Gama Bomb doing what they are known for best: riffs and fun. NWOBHM and thrash with plenty of humour and tight musicianship, a nod to their influences but plenty of unmistakable individuality in the sound. Grab those denims, hi-tops and jump on in.

(8/10 Fraggle)