What is Metal? In general that is, no longer can one refer to Black Sabbath as the sound of Metal because there are simply too many offshoots (and being a totally anal loser Black Sabbath are actually Doom Metal). For me it’s almost totally impossible to describe Metal to someone without producing some sort of projector, laser pointer and an hour long seminar. Truth be told that actually sounds quite fun, having a non-stop urge to talk about music and writing reviews will have that effect upon you after a while.

More to the point we are here to talk about the Norwegian, Fenriz approved Thrashers Deathhammer. These torch-bearers of truth have erected their flags globally becoming a beacon to those who seek real Metal. Having an inclining success since their formation in 2005 Deathhammer have made their mark, namely with the 2012 sophomore release Onward To The Pits. Yet it is to the fourth and latest album we turn our attention, prepare yourselves to be Chained To Hell!

Well if you seek Speed, Heavy, Thrash, and Black Metal you’ve come to the right place. Classic Thrash songwriting, riffs and drumming lay beneath gruff Black Metal infused Venom vocals that occasionally soar with screeching falsettos to the likes of Agent Steel. Deathhammer really are the whole package and dare I say even accessible through their catchy anthemic moments in tracks like Satans Hell, Black Speed Inferno, Tormentor and Chained To Hell. Truly every track on this fast paced slab of pure Metal is an untold banger.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better we are also treated to the instrumental track Into The Burning Pentagram which feels like Metallica’s The Call Of Ktulu with added Black/ Speed Metal fury, arguably one of the strongest instrumental tracks I have heard in some time. One note I would also like to point out is the production, Chained To Hell feels so desperately filthy yet the production is clear cut and nothing seems to get lost in the mix, to write music of this nature and still deliver it with this much precision is extremely admirable.

So there we have it something for everyone, Black, Thrash, Speed and Heavy Metal vengeance gripped firmly in a satanic grasp. I also feel Chained To Hell fairly answers our starting question, this is indeed Metal. Fast, nasty, catchy, and overall good fun with a dose of escapism and fantasy I quite frankly couldn’t ask for more. If you’re in search of a great sounding album that delivers on being memorable yet equally savage then crush your skull with the Deathhammer.

( 9/10 George Caley)