Considering the band name it would be a total cliché to say this one goes off like a bomb but with 6 tracks in less than 13 minutes it is definitely more C-4 semtex than Sinclair C-5 in the speed stakes. These Polish grind bastards have a demo, another EP to their name and no original members in their ranks, this is the first thing they have done since 2015 so they may not work as fast as they play but this short, sharp and fiery offering is certainly a professionally put together package on CD.

‘Pain’ has plenty of crust and extreme noise terror about it with a dis-core beat and gravid rasped vocals. It may only be a minute in length but it gives a clear mission statement and punishes with a hellish drum battery and some snarling guitars. It’s not all one-dimensional as far as influences are concerned either with ‘Dark Chant’ showing some HM2 abuse of the olden Entombed mould before the track whiplashes off and fires out some mean soloing and punk laden vomiting vocals. This takes us back to the late 80’s in more ways than one and goes like the clappers but is not afraid to slow down to a meaty, maggoty slow graveyard crawl allowing the rotten roll to come through like maggots oozing out a freshly defiled grave. There’s even a bit of a sludge vibe about ‘Despised’ before the drums move into a blur and it pogos all over the shop, hate at the forefront whatever way you look at it this is a big two fingers thrust up at all the ills of the rotten world we live in and spreads disgust courtesy of a nice flowing guitar solo. Nihilism and futility ‘Stuck In Stagnation’ is a cool title, and hardly stays in a rut as it fires out all the instruments in a rapid blurring melee, punching heavily and bruising the senses. At just 31 seconds Derisive Smile cites Doom, Electro Hippies and great British crust bands in its volatile clamour and by complete odds the crawling morass of ‘All Hope Is Lost’ nails the coffin door shut in style which will have you wanting to press play and fire it up again straight away.

Not much more to say here, you get what you get but with high production values making this a meaty sandwich to consume without negating the grit and grime C-4 have indeed exploded onto my senses in style.

(7/10 Pete Woods)