Heavy Metal loves a sub-genre and extreme metal takes it to fetish levels. If it can be broken down, cross pollinated and put into a tiny box it’s like aural Viagra to us. Black metal is one of the more wanton culprits – its acronym city. NSBM, SDBM etc . Now there is RABM – Red and Anarchist Black Metal. This is folk who love the sound and rawness of the second wave but don’t get a chubby over Sun Wheels, Odin and casual racism.  In the serious anti-fascist Black metal camp are bands like Dawn Ray’d and Underdark who have put a red cat amongst some goose stepping pigeons.  Twitter Agent Provocateur Pope Richard of Olivia Neutered John has recently released his Gaylord project which takes a visceral swipe at the alt right and the keyboard fascists of the Black Metal underground and I urge you to read Kim Kelley’s interesting piece for Vice on Gaylord and associated acts.

Like Gaylord, Neckbeard Deathcamp from Bordeaux (actually that’s a pun too as from USA not where Varg is hiding himself away, ed) use satire and sarcasm to slice through the brittle façade of modern Nazism. The titles, like those of Anal Cunt are mini poems that will appeal to folk just scrolling through bandcamp or Metal Sucks articles.  The fact that they describe themselves as “Fedora Crushing Militant Black Metal” had me grinning the moment I opened the file.  “XXXL Oberstrurmfuhrer Lether Duster” “The fetishization ov Asian Women Despite a Demand for a Pure White Race”. You get the picture.

Now, this could all just be a set of memes for Lefties to pass around and feel warm and fuzzy about if the music is no good.  Can Kriegmeister Hatestorm, Superkommando Uberweinerschnitzchel and Hailz Komradez deliver the goods or are they just balaclava wearing Reds under the mouse?

“Cucked” opens with a distorted spoken word piece over some noise with an uber triggered chap ranting about Facebook and Mark Zuckerburg creating a cuck factory.  “The Lvft are the Real Fvscists” which follows is brutal visceral raw black metal. Snare heavy blasting drums underpin a rabid riff and unearthly vocals.  This really sounds like it was recorded in the depths of hell. “Zyklon /b/ “ continues the rampant onslaught , not a glimmer of atmospheric neo folk waft here. This is punked up crusty black metal which will excite punks and metallers alike.  At nearly 5 minutes there is time to get into the groove that Superkommando creates – he or she – handles guitar and bass. The vocals are reduced to echo laden distorted Tardyesque cries and add to the brutality.

The aforementioned “XXXL….” Is ushered in with a Quorthorn like guitar line and blistering drums before changing pace to a more groove laden rock sound and then hitting the gas once again. This trio know what they are doing. The pacing of this track is fantastic, it’s great to hear some balls out punk rock riffs in there.  “Incel Warfare” rages from the get go. The pure aggression that can only come from being stood up on prom night and then losing your favourite hair gel. Those damn females! (shakes fist) . It’s sequel – “Please Respond (I showed you my penis) has a riff running through it that I can’t help humming. A strangely melancholy passage that is all but buried beneath the demonic vocals, it reminds me of Beherit.

The collection concludes with “The fetishization ov Asian Women….”  A harsh noise music track is played beneath an auto created female narration that delivers a staccato essay on the Alt Right and keyboard fascists and their temper tantrums.  “Fucking Poseurs ! Fucking Poseurs! “

As the Far Right make massive gains across Europe – Sweden is at the polls as I type this with a swing to an anti-immigration Nationalist party looking likely, it is poignant that Black Metal has a voice against the neo fascists and keyboards Nazi’s. Humour, satire and crushing riffs make awesome bedfellows. Stand up and be counted!

(8.5/10 Matt Mason)