Moto Toscana is a trio with four strings and a drum kit between them.  Is less more?  The fact that Andy (vox) Michi (distorted bass) and Chrisch (Drums) describe themselves as Sludgefunk/Disco Doom piqued my interest. Add into that their claim – which I have no reason to disbelieve – that the band recorded the album in “one take, no cuts, no overdubs” , this could be quite a refreshing drop in an ocean of Protools multi tracks.

The premise is great. Melodic vocals, fuzzed up wall of bass and groovy drums. Andy’s vocals are reminiscent of Jonathan Davis in full whine with a touch of NIN tribute and give each track a twenty years past it’s sell by date – Nu Metal vibe. The “wall of bass” is so low in the mix it is made superfluous and is drowned by the acoustic drums. Opening track “Sicksadtwisted” could almost be a Korn title. I am expecting Fred Durst to bounce in at any moment for a cameo.  “Dolorous” opens with a funky little drum beat that I hope will usher in some Sludgedisco but it slows up to a wingey ditty with clichéd lyrics. “All in your head. That’s what she said?” C’mon now! “Never Over” is next and is how I am starting to feel about this.  I am longing for a guitar. Just one little riff  Something to make the fist or heart pound.  “Ride” has a bit more of groove to it but ends up a murky mess.

By the time I get to the last two tracks I am wondering if these guys are for real or if this is some hipster prank by Noisey to see if Shoreditch folk will buy into it between mouthfuls of over-priced cereal.

Please make it stop.

(0.5/10 Matt Mason)