Just recently I have been questioned many a time on the subject of trve Metal, what does it mean? How can you explain it? And so forth. So here and now I aim to explain my definition, in one comedic regard I often attribute a trve Metalhead as being one who makes up the rules as they go along but at the heart of that is pure Metal, by which I refer to Heavy, Power, Death, Black and Thrash. These act as the building blocks dare I say for the basis of any metallic genre, how they are used thereafter is in the hands of the artists themselves but I would attest that any artist bowing before these tomes would find themselves amongst the trve.

With that out of the way let us look to Brazil’s own purveyors of trve might Diabolic Force. Formed in 2001 the band have released a smattering of demos, EPs and splits along with a debut full length in 2009 entitled March To Calvary. These wielders of the Anti-Christian blade now charge once more into the infernal hells of damnation with Praise Of Satan the bands second full length release put out through the ever purist Hell’s Headbangers Records but is it a mighty victory or a wretched defeat?

Reeking of whiskey, sweat and beer soaked leather this crusty South American Metal worshipping record tumbles forth with the destruction of its forefathers, the likes of Vulcano and Sarcofago ring in the ears of the listener. Through pungent production and a Blackened Death Thrash cacophony that would revel even the almighty War Metal legends Conqueror, Diabolic Force bring a purist sound that is sure to please elitists of the Metal underground. Although the production is vastly poor with its ravaging guitars, reverberating vocals and punching drums there is a certain charm, an air of underground unity and a sounding befitting to the trve.

Aside from the vastly noise ridden passages Praise Of Satan has it’s stand out riffs and whilst basic still retains a profound worship to the likes of Venom and Motörhead. The most memorable moments being in Cross In Fire and Black Light Damnation it is safe to say that Diabolic Force are all about projecting a dirt covered shrine to the ways of old and the ways of Metal’s gritty underbelly. This is Metal that is not fit for or designed for the masses but rather for those brave enough to plunge into the sickening world of filthy, musty Metal.

Whilst I cannot rave about Diabolic Force in a manner befitting its champions I can say that I have enjoyed this release and I eagerly anticipate more. Praise Of Satan is nothing new, it prays to the past with injections of the extremity and Satanic majesty but mostly in a way that has already gone in ages before. If you are craving a modern band reviving the carcass of South American ancients Diabolic Force are for you, however if you are happy with what you’ve got then this will act as little more than a pleasantry.

(7/10 George Caley)