This is this Finnish troop’s third release, admittedly I’d completely missed their second encounter, but based on their debut, I wanted to hit this one. It does exactly as I thought it would…

Many reviews of their earlier material compared Bonehunter’s style to old Bathory (or influenced by), I can see the connection, but it not an overriding influence to my mind. The first wave of black metal is most certainly present. This is displayed quite prominently on ‘Black Star Carcass’. ‘Demonic nuclear Armament’ has you immediately pumping to the style of many other black thrash bands, expelling a level of filth and hatred as each chord or vocal line is spouted out. The cover of a doom track ‘Man of Steel’ (from ‘The God Behind the God’ album) by Spiritus Mortis is really good. This adds a touch of stability and groove to the album, of course Bonehunter have made this their own, which is good to hear amid the promotional claims of “devilish charisma” and “dungeon-bred grit”. Both are applicable too!

‘Children of the Atom’ does not quite have the finesse as say Midnight, Wifebeater or Bastard, but it is raw enough for fans of this style to enjoy, albeit from a slightly differing angle. Compared to ‘Evil Triumphs Again’ you will notice a twist, a shift in momentum and a slight polish of the rough edges, mainly around the vocals, even though effort has been made to dirty themselves up a touch more musically. Some tracks have a Japanese punk element but overall the album displays many blackened tirades which accumulate to a gnarly album release.

(7/10 Paul Maddison)