Having been a fan for such a long time, I’ve been around for plenty of line-up changes and changes in musical direction. But that said, the underlying ethos in ST has remained unwavering and it’s all about venting and saying your piece. And at times revisiting what’s been said before and putting another slant on it, ala ‘Still Cyco After All These Years’ but using the début Cyco Miko album this time. While I may have listened to it the first time 23 years ago and I’ve listened to it countless times since, I shall admit it’s been a while since it graced my CD player. The current ST line-up consisting of Mike Muir (Vocals), Dean Pleasants (Guitars), Ra Díaz (Bass) and Dave Lombardo (Drums) recorded this version.

There was always something sinister about the gaiety in Mike’s voice when singing “I Love Destruction” but I think it’s that glee that shows the juxtaposition between content and delivery.

Dean’s airy guitar riff on “F.U.B.A.R.” gives Ra plenty of space to fill, which he certainly does with relish.

The rapid tempo changes in “All Kinda Crazy” are something Dave excels at, combined with ultra-impressive footwork to boot.

“Sippin’ From The Insanitea” is the only song I’ve never heard before, but it’s certainly catchy and the title is great, along with it fitting in to the rest of the album without an issue at all.

There’s a bit of a thrashier tone to “Its Always Something” at first, but once the bass runs come in with the multi-voiced chorus, it clearly has more of an infectious groove to it.

The title track of the original “Lost My Brain…Once Again” sounds a little whinier vocal wise or is it just more emphatically sung? However, the guitars are a touch heavier with more intense leads.

Picking up the pace and having Dave snapping at the snare like a hungry hippo, “Nothin’ To Lose” doesn’t bother with being fancy when frantic shall do.

Slowing things back down and being far more groove orientated intro, “Gonna Be Alright” has the guitars and popping bass falling over each other as the manic chorus is belted out.

The full on ST punk attack that is “Ain’t Gonna Get Me” is simple but catchy with a full on lead by Dean and followed immediately by the far bouncier “All I Ever Get” with its constant offbeat changes and pauses to throw you in tilt.

The morosely beautiful “Save A Peace For Me” wraps things up, but feeling a little more upbeat than the original but that could be owing to the piercing lead and slightly less harmonically mournful vocals.

Sure, there’s only one new track here, but hey nothing sells like nostalgia, especially when it’s served nice and crisp.

(8/10 Marco Gaminara)