This is a recording project, considered a “life’s work” of Full Thrash Assault manager Dave Ingram Jr and features guest appearances from many a named artist in the business. Rawness is the key to the majority of the release, harbouring a cool crossover vibe. There is a twist, but we’ll come to that later.

That rawness is personified by the first couple of tracks, namely ‘Xenocode’ and the awesome ‘Fatalistic Type’. Heavy vocals and heavy rhythms both combine to form a strong UK release. I say this as its got the UK sound, the character and a little play on social commentary. This social fuck you is really up front for ‘Forced to Fend’.  Loosely based upon “The Running Man” movie’s storyline, but instead of criminals featuring, Nefasturris take the context and story to those who struggle day to day to survive with little support from the Government; they may as well be put into a running man type game show is how I interpret the storyline. I like the guitar interpreted “running man” theme music that’s been adapted from the original movie score and guest vocals from Acid Reign’s Howard “H” Smith are a nice touch. Overall, this song encapsulates me as with this social commentary comes with a lot of truth and depicts how out of touch some governments are with their citizens. Dave Ingram Snr (ex-Benediction, ex-Bolt Thrower, Down Among the Deadmen etc) features vocally on a couple of tracks, as such, ‘Death Comes to Time’ and ‘Worth Your Weight in Blood’ take on that death metal approach and adapts to the thrashier/crossover music of Nefasturris.

The twist I mentioned earlier is ‘Lost Elation’. Vocally featuring Chris Simmons of Wretched Soul, the song reminds me of an Anathema/Paradise Lost vibe with its happy, moving and clean vocals. The melody, this grips you, you can’t fail to love this track. Even if out of character to the rest of the release, it forms a nice breathing point prior to rushing into an often Sodom/Destruction/Onslaught inspired ‘Gears of Distortion’. This is harsh, fast and Teutonic, its gets all the angry out of your system, a wonderful case of album flow adapting and progressing from an earlier track, and it works.

Following the loss of the near completed recording, ‘Towers of Sin’ had its challenges, it’s finally upon us and with the inspirational commentary and hard as hell musical approach, this is a fantastic UK release. Those who caught them at the Beermageddon festival will already know, but being in the know is all about Nefasturris. Buy it, the whole intent of this release is to raise money for those who need it most.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)