Consistency can be key in Metal, bands are always permitted to change their style, after all it is their art and not our own. The music being at the hands of the creators can often lead to trend followers and even trend setters, and alas there are those who care not for the trivialities of trend but rather seek to retain a sound they know and love. This is often to me a sign of real love and dedication it ensures that each album has an element of enjoyment, whilst it could be seen as a dull ideology it equally aids in a well received overall back catalogue.

The trio of brothers in not only Metal but also blood known as Krisiun are back again to grace us with their iconic Brazilian Death Metal. Having formed in 1990 the band have gone on to release some true classics, 1995’s Black Force Domain and 2000’s Conquerors Of Armageddon are staples in a healthy Death Metal diet. Retaining an ethos befitting the likes of Cannibal Corpse Krisiun have been reluctant to change and have strived for their whole careers to bring old Death Metal ideals to the new age. Scourge Of The Enthroned acts as the 11th full length release from the band, but will its release through Century Media uphold a wealth of classic material.

On a personal level Krisiun have often lingered in the background for me, I have enjoyed their music and will continue to do so but equally they have also struck me as a bit of a support band if you catch my drift. Scourge Of The Enthroned does at least prove that Krisiun are little more than backbenchers to the Death Metal scene, fine production, exciting guitar work, inspiring drumming and atypically aggressive vocals make for a package of purulent meat that is to be cooked as a feast for the mentally diseased. Classic Death Metallers rejoice at the return of Brazil’s own mighty manglers of the flesh.

Even though there are stand out points, namely Devouring Faith and A Thousand Graves this album still lacks a little something. Krisiun are more than fit to steal the show and garner a wide fan base but Scourge Of The Enthroned goes from memorable to forgettable very quickly. The riffs although powerful and gripping are in such quantity that they become overbearing and lacklustre. I could and will happily commend this release as a triumph but it is perhaps better left to the ears of the existing fans as oppose to the virgin canals of the untainted.

Quire frankly this has to be one of the oddest albums I have reviewed this year or even in recent years. Its content may not be outlandish, freakish or even different but it strikes me that I have such a mixed opinion. On the one hand this is a well crafted expertly delivered work of Death Metal yet on the other it is a vastly unintelligible mass of barbarity that fails to land in my brain. I cannot and will not disgrace Krisiun’s name in regard to this album but it questions my logic as to whether consistency in sound is always key.

(6/10 George Caley)