Every once in a while an artist comes along to totally change your perception on music. Admittedly this euphoric bliss occurs less and less as we edge closer to our unavoidable demise but nevertheless it always has an enlightening power of triumph about it. For me Iron Maiden, Cradle Of Filth, Weekend Nachos, Death In June and Daft Punk are all examples of bands who have shown me a new level of enjoyment, opened my eyes to new genres or simply shaped my taste. In amongst the fray of artists who have changed my taste is a certain Texas Death Metal group, the legends that are Devourment.

Rising from a decapitated limb of Devourment’s past come Kill Everything, this once again Texas based Brutal Death Metal band feature both former and founding members of Devourment, Brian Wynn, Kevin Clark and the awesome Mike Majewski are ready to tackle the forces of Slam once again. Having formed in 2016 it’s pretty safe to say that it didn’t take these guys long to reach a level of notoriety, scoring a deal with Comatose Music for Scorched Earth the bands debut release.

So let’s get some things straight, things have been pretty quiet in the Devourment camp aside from touring since the release of the opinion dividing record Conceived In Sewage. Whilst the album was different to the bands original sound I loved it and couldn’t wait to hear more so when I heard about Kill Everything I was ecstatic to hear Mike take to the mic once again. The album opens with Kill Everything which contains a sample from an interview with serial killer Joseph Callinger, straight up Butcher The Weak homage, perfect. Brutality instantly reigns down with muddy Slam infused guitars that writhe in the TXDM sound I’ve loved all these years.

From the opening onwards the rest of the album flows with massive catchy elements in both the guitars and vocals, not to mention consistent machine gun drumming that keeps up a savage momentum. Highlights would include the title track, Thermal Liquidation and Carnivorous Lunar Activities. Slab after slab these ghastly works of art pour from the mouth of disease with utter hatred and disgust, forging the perfect blueprint for fans of Conceived In Sewage era Devourment.

So is Scorched Earth another Devourment album, the answer is foggy, at points I get a real sense that this could be released under the name of Texas’s mainstays but at other points it feels like it’s just lacking a little something. I have thoroughly enjoyed this album and will say that it is without a doubt a nigh on perfect Brutal Death Metal album and another gem from the halls of Comatose Music, but will I favour it over Devourment’s classic discography, probably not.

(8/10 George Caley)