The mortuary slab lays day after day receiving all manner of horrific traumas and carrying those stories upon its clinical exterior for all eternity. However these stories of vile pestilence and death have made their way into the ears of many a Metal fan to the extent that Gray’s Anatomy is most probably more commonly used as a Death Metal band name generator than a trusted medical textbook. The lengthy over the top descriptions for diseases, traumas and medical procedures make perfect sounding, totally brutal band names, blood-curdling and depraved, awesome.

Nasty Surgeons are of that medicinal field having formed in Spain in 2016 and performing their first operation Exhumation Requiem in 2017 the band have risen to some sort of acclaim within the Deathgrind underground. Just a year on from the band’s debut we now welcome their sophomore work Infectious Stench through Xtreem Music. Can this second attempt at operating be a success or will it be a flatliner?

The album begins with a decent instrumental that encompasses an epic air and gives birth to the extreme musicianship that is yet to come. Finally the bodybag is opened and we get to the first track Smell The Carcass a truly wretched stench of putrefaction and decay that emanates vile, gritty Deathgrind savagery in a perverse and easily digestible format. Ultra dirty riffs swirl as the galloping drums break the bones of the listener and submit us to the will of vocalist Raúl Weaver and his snarling tone.

Infectious Stench has a few real high points, the aforementioned Smell The Carcass for one along with the title track, Impaled, Crucified And Beheaded and perhaps most notably Mouth To Anus with its exceptional Human Centipede homage taking the medical ideals into a DIY setting. Admittedly the album has a few less exciting tracks but that is only natural and even those are still backed by an endless sea of vomitus guitar licks that are truly something else.

Upon reflection Nasty Surgeons have learnt their trade and are sure to specialise in their desired field. With influences from Carcass, General Surgery and Pathologist being thrown into their sound these guys can’t go wrong. Equally they bring something fresh to the otherwise flooded Deathgrind scene and exploit its traits in a unique, accessible format, don’t forget to get a regular check up or you might end up in the hands of the Nasty Surgeons

(8/10 George Caley)