Naturally Metal is an ever evolving genre, but back in the early days Metal saw a huge array of progressive steps from the early days of Sabbath to the NWOBHM and beyond the genre was constantly growing and expanding. However one subgenre emerged that would change the face of Metal forever, Thrash. Thrash was unlike anything before, faster more ferocious, aggressive and powerful and it was from this level of extremity that the Metal underground spawned to bring us Death Metal, Black Metal and so on.

Spewing forth from Chile with a cavernous rage Invocation Spells rise to destroy once again. This chaotic duo have had a clear run since 2014 with their debut Unholy Blasphemies, this debut was succeeded by a further two full lengths, the latest of which in 2016. This consistent output has made Invocation Spells a force to be reckoned with, but can their latest 2018 effort Spread Cruelty In The Abyss continue their legacy? A classic Hells Headbangers release this album aims to prove itself as superior amongst the Black Thrash hordes.

The Thrash Metal notions of this release are relentless, classic and fast even injecting a great deal of Speed Metal into the mix. The guitar tone is pure, untamed and just the right level of savage whilst the drums crash away in the background like pestilent echoes from the gutter. The shining peak however has to be the vocals which are drenched in the admiration and worship of Celtic Frost, early Bathory, Aura Noir and a classic 90s Black Metal sound that is reverberating, cold and grim. A vomitus force of Blackened bestial hellfire Spread Cruelty In The Abyss is a monument to underground destruction.

Although I can deal a great portion of praise towards this fast paced slab of an album I did find the first half to be a touch slow, not in speed but in grabbing my attention. Although it is great music it isn’t that awe-inspiring, that is until the second half of the album where we see dare I say Viking Metal inspired clean vocals in Spread Cruelty and a bizarre Classical intro in Obscure And Evil. These more unique touches suddenly make the album glisten in the darkness and rise in fire. Giving the album a full listen a second time around really shows Invocation Spells as masters of Black Thrash.

So if you’re searching for the symphony to the coming of the four horsemen then Spread Cruelty In The Abyss is your best bet. Like a thunderous clout of lyncanthropic battle this album reaches into the purity of the darkness and pulls forth an idol of worship, dedication and progression towards total evil. Fresh from the casket Invocation Spells prove once again that the Chilean Metal scene is something to always look out for.

(7/10 George Caley)