Whilst this may only be the second full length by this Singaporean act they also have a handful of splits during their decade or so existence. Occasionally you get black metal that is so full of malice, so malignant that it oozes hostility that is virtually palpable. Beginning typically with an intro sequence of monastic voices and background noises the opener, “Infernal Execrator (True Blasphemous Conqueror)” seems fairly lightweight on first impressions with a melodic riff and steady tempo but as it gathers its forces a riff break ensues and subsequent blast beat breaks loose in true anarchic fashion and rarely lets up for the rest of the 30 minutes.

Like a lot of the really malicious black metal albums the riffing has that high end catchy element that takes a slight dip into punk whether the bands agree or not as “Incinerate Halakhah Theorem” also begins with monastic chants before a colossal riff drops in with the blasting bordering on blurring speed. What is particularly striking about the songs is the fluid way they switch speed and riffs as this track unleashes sonic savagery yet retains melodiousness continually. The gunshots that start “Northern Superiority” are effective signal of a double kick assailing that breaks into a thrash riff that eventually is suffocated by the pulverising blast beat that is almost double kick blasted. Like I said the ever morphing tempo changes are evident and this one sees this one slip into a blackened death posture as the drum work is utterly demolishing.

I love “Quintessence Of Timeless Void” mainly because it has so many facets to it, beginning with a much slower phase, melodic before wielding a detonating riff and blast approach the track is demented to the point of pandemonium as the track side steps into the slow phase effortlessly and cohesively and retaining total momentum. The intensity of this album cannot be understated and even when the songs have short intro pieces the power and momentum is vast as on the title track which is ridiculously fast conveying an aura of terror that leaves only “Absolute Celestial Condemnation” to end the album that spans near the eight minute mark. The tune is monstrous beginning with a dramatic elongated riff and drum fills with kick fills the song has a catchy riff that has a hummable quality; yes I did say that. You can feel the tension in the song rising as it approaches the velocity change which it does in epic fashion as the song infuses double bass fluxes into the mix to great effect intensifying it brilliantly. The lead work adds power to the ever evolving song, with barbaric vocals that take on ghoulish tones and nightmarish bellows. The dramatic aura this song has is awesome as the song courses to its finale with cavalcade of double bass and superb guitar hook that infests the bombardment which climaxes with battle noises.

True sonic barbarity is difficult to come by, but Infernal Execrator has come very close with their second album that exudes the very essence of befouled blackened malignancy.

(9/10 Martin Harris)