I did not know anything about this band when I requested to give it a spin. The blurb promised a heady mix of Death metal Grind and Hardcore. My interest was piqued. Now I must say having listened to The Sin and Doom Vol ii a couple of times and then reading up about them this is not my bag baby. I find the fact that the band have “invented” a repentagram to promote their Christianity quite funny and subversive. Their use of the word “gorship” to denote their worship via gory sounds (please catch my eyes as I roll them) is a tad bewildering, but hey I put up with corpse painted minions pledging allegiance to another being that I don’t believe in so I am not gonna hold either their faith or need to fit it into metal clichés against them.

What I will hold against the Southern Californians is the frankly dull, bland white bread with the crusts cut off music. Like the bits off the cutting room floor from Fear Factory’s  Demanufacture mixed with bits of Devolved and every boring bassy beatdown from every clichéd deathcore and metal core band in the last decade. The drums sound more triggered than an army of vegans at a McDonalds birthday party (I can say it – I am one!) and the production gives the air of a Kerrang Nu metal comp from 2001. I swear I started to crave hearing Mudvayne Dig whilst listening to “Paved with Bones”. No one should ever be made to have that craving.

This is not impending doom this is slowly encroaching boredom on an airport travellator populated by Hot Topic clones who forgot to deodorise. I just wanna get off the travellator, abandoning my luggage and go and run in the sunshine. But I can’t cos there is another chunky ,clunky lumpen track to wade through. “The Serpents Tongue” see’s Brook Reeves bellow that “I am a Christian. A faithful Man of God” . Oh please. This is as dull as Glen Benton waffling on about Heck or whatever. Bring back Stryper all is forgiven. I tell you what even P.O.D.

Forgetting the message – which let’s face it is supposed to be positive I am sure – listening to this is like eating last week’s cold porridge . There are remnants of flavour and what could have been but I wish that I had gone to the shops for crumpets and jam.  Impending dullness

(2.5/10 Matt Mason)