Like old German thrash? Miss the days of “Pleasure To Kill” and “Infernal Overkill”? Do you have the first two Exumer albums on constant rotation?  Well, if that’s the case, this record will make you throb so hard you’ll artex your ceiling with jizz!

Forming from the ashes of Merciless, Dreadful Fate are a new Swedish band and are 100% old school Teutonic thrash / proto-death…… so authentic that the band members are Bestial (vocals) Death Ripper (guitars) Total Destruction (bass) and, my personal fave, Corpse Selethor (drums). Of course, they’d be more School Fete than Dreadful Fate (sorry) if the music was pants but this is some killer stuff right here.

From the opening title track you’re teleported back to the mid 80s. Ridiculous drumming and some of the most aggressive riffing I’ve heard this year combines to make “Vengeance” as an album a full on retro sonic beat-down.   Tracks like “Hour of Reprisal” and “The Final Sacrifice” are so Venomous and pissed off and so on point that the whole record is an addictive experience, especially for a curmudgeonly old thrasher like me.

The whole album tears through your ears in about twenty six minutes and, for me at least, demanded an instant replay. The songs are well put together and the production is spot on, combining clarity while maintaining a high level of old school cred and the cover artwork is suitably good and cheesy.

I love this record, a total antidote to <insert whatever rubbish is on the cover of Metal Hammer this month here> and the like. It reminds me of happy times and it will you too. Get amongst it!

(8/10 Mark Eve)