Returning after their ‘World Peace…Cosmic War” mission, Sweden’s Armory are on ‘The Search’ for some more outlandish encounters. What I can report from their previous offering is that the structures are stronger, although not necessarily the execution. I hear, or think I hear timing issues when they ‘Rise Above’ and also perform ‘Utomjordisk Dominans’, mainly in the switch over of time signatures. However, there are still plenty of positives.

‘Heavy Metal Impact’ is as its title suggests a forceful rendition, whilst some of the riffing in ‘The Twin Suns of Solaris’ is rather special. ‘Hyperion’ is pacey and fits with the sub-genre categorisation, and as the release plays out you hear more a straight metal vocal beginning to surface more and more. A touch more range and expression is particularly noted from the vocal during the aforementioned ‘Utomjordisk Dominans’. ‘The Search’ concludes with ‘Hisingen Warriors’, which, is a shame in terms of running order, as the album has improved so much by this point, and in all honesty, maybe it’s been left a little late.

For all the positives in the release, I still struggle to figure consistency through the album. There’s a feeling of understatement that exists as I listen to this numerous times, trying to gain a more insightful reaction. This doesn’t happen for me. The album is good but for me there is a spark missing to gain your undivided attention with a similar approach to their debut continuing this time around.

(6.5/10 Paul Maddison)