The face of Death Metal is changing at a rapid pace with steps along the way that mark new-found genres, but I do feel in some respects that these changes are more rampant than perhaps any other genre in the Metal underground. So with that in mind let us talk about Slam, I remember a time where Slamming Brutal Death Metal was the most sickening genre out there, vile, gore-soaked and repulsive, the sort of subject matters, sound and artwork that even some traditional Death Metal fans would turn their noses up at, but in a new age has this form of sickness been reduced to memes?

Reaching out from North Carolina in the USA Abhorrent Deformity strive to recreate those glory days of maggot writhing horror. Having formed relatively recently in 2013 they went on to release their debut Entity Of Malevolence in 2015. This left them to remain reasonably unheard of but now with Comatose Music upping the anti we might see Abhorrent Deformity transfigure and transcend to the Brutal Death Gods. 2018 marks the release of Slaughter Monolith and from the outside this looks perfect.

Looking at the track-list for this album my expectations where high, nasty, shocking, horrible I sat and thought this is why I got into Brutal Death Metal so I slumped back, relaxed and prepared to enjoy the ride. An opening anti-climactic intro track begins the proceedings but alas we are saved by total mayhem. Slaughter Monolith to be blunt is pretty huge the use of pinch harmonics, speed, light elements of Tech and genuine musicianship in all instruments make this speedy machine a benchmark of Modern Brutal Death Metal.

Drawing worship from Cannibal Corpse in the vocals and even Nile in the drums Abhorrent Deformity bring something unheard of to the table a combination of all things traditional, modern and new. Now forgive what I am about to say but at points, like in The Fine Art Of Amputation and Swamp Of Intestines I sense a little prick of Deathcore. Now this is not unknown in our modern age with bands like Vulvodynia, Acranius and Within Destruction at the forefront of modern brutality. Perhaps I’m getting old but I cannot affiliate myself with the Slam Police, if this is the way things must go then so be it and Abhorrent Deformity show that these little touches can sometimes even work.

Overall this may well be one of the greatest representations of Modern Brutal Death Metal, this is the direction we need. Savage and impure to the very core but with a unique blend of brutality that is equal parts modern, true and accessible Abhorrent Deformity hold their hammers high to Slam upon the nail of progression, without a doubt this is one of the best Brutal Death Metal albums of 2018 don’t miss it.

(9/10 George Caley)