Spawned In Nothingness is the fourth album by this Belarussian trio, and it’s pretty straight forward, fast and extremely aggressive death metal, with a touch of atmospherics to keep it interesting.

The intro “The Beginning of Madness” lulls you in with a rather gentle wash of orchestral instruments before Wojtek Slavinsky’s drums blast into “Grand Day of Demise”, quickly followed by Tomasz Wawrzak’s bass and Kirill Bobrik’s guitars and then his growled vocals.

The triggered drums on “Everlasting Hate” have a very clipped sound to them, allowing for each individual beat to be heard and sound as fast as they are, rather than the slightly warmer sound of a live kit. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop the vocals and guitars from being as abrasive as they need to be, even when playing the more melodic interlude halfway through the song.

The building military sounding drums on “Divine Singularity” make way for a catchy guitar riff that rolls through the song varying in a similar way to the alternating vocals.

For “We Will Forever Be”, the guitar riffs are slightly longer and more drawn out, aligning with the vocal cadence, while the drum rolls are short and ever changing.

The short instrumental “Awakening” has a tribal feel to it, along with a host of jungle sounds in the background, completely contrasting to the rapid changes and ferocity of “Sacred War of Lawlessness” with its long and intricate guitar lead being a subtle focal point.

“Perfecting Slavery” is another blast-fest with a more guttural flavour to the layered vocals, giving it a little extra in the way of nastiness.

The guitars in “Hatred Forever Dispersed” have a slightly slower feel to them than the drums and vocals, but they aren’t nearly as slow as they seem.

They end the album on a high, as the final track “Throne of SIN” is fast and angry and a fitting conclusion to the work they have done here.

(7/10 Marco Gaminara)