Another day, another album featuring Rogga Johansson lands on my mat. Seriously mate….. what are you on?

Anyway, Ribspreader are a Swedish death metal band with quite some pedigree. This is their seventh album and the follow up to “The Van Murders” released back in 2011. This is a concept album (stay with me) about a pretty cool urban legend type thing featuring a van (no shit) that the psycho baddies drive about, kidnapping and murdering people.

“Departure LA” starts with a spooky intro before we’re off with a typical Rogga-riff and some primo quality Swedish death-metal. Rogga’s vocals sound sicker than ever especially when he hits some high notes where he goes all a bit “Chris Barnes”….only not shit.

“Flesh Desperados” is next with a killer, ear-worm of a riff and more of the Revolting / Paganizer vibe to it. As does “Back On Frostbitten Shores”.

Brynjar Helgetun’s (The Grotesquery / Megascavenger) drumming is awesome on the whole record, he throws in some really inventive fills here and there although it’s always understated. The heavy and menacing “Equipped To Kill” really shows his skills off.

“Meat Bandit” (the editors Grindr user-name incidentally) and “The Cleaners Theme” pass by but the instrumental “The Cleaners Theme Pt 2” picks up the interest with a super melodic opening with some stellar lead work by Kjetil Lynghaug (Echelon / Paganizer) . Album closer “Travelling Band Of The Dead” is another track with a different and dark vibe to it and ends the album on a solid note.

Not a bad album. Not Ribspreader’s best (Opus Ribcage gets my vote there) but a solid death metal album made by total pros. Recommended.

(8/10 Mark Eve)