Flooding both musically and environmentally is generally a disaster it causes damage and in a musical sense causes reviewers and fans to trawl through endless hours of audio in search of a diamond in the rough. Sometimes I do honestly sit back and think how can there be so many bands in a tiny sub genre, in this case Brutal Death Metal and even that sub genre can be broken down into further categories, it’s pretty ridiculous, but I kind of like it.

Posthuman Abomination are the latest watery substance to come cascading over the flood defences. This fresh new Italian Brutal Death Metal four piece have landed themselves in the laps of Comatose records to release Transcending Embodiment their debut full length album. However with just a demo to their name aside from this can they prove themselves amongst the genres god-tier masters?

Quite frankly I cannot go straight in with the disappointment, after all Posthuman Abomination sound pretty decent, they sound like Brutal Death Metal but perhaps a little too much. Transcending Embodiment is wall to wall generic, brutality by numbers from the standard uninspiring sampled intro of the opening track to the endless brutal riffing that never seems break. This style of Putridity/ Defeated Sanity styled madness is something I rarely tend to enjoy it’s fast, crazy and savage but there is no room for massive slams or big riffs.

The bass tone is one thing I would commend it really pops out of the mix, particularly in Systematic Ecophagy, Autogenetic also presents itself as a strong Brutal Death Metal track bringing that endless savagery vibe to life. These tracks aside though Posthuman Abomination are simply boring, akin to a run of the mill support act at a gig although not bad in sound their generic nature is tiresome and dull, there are far better bands out there.

I feel like a bit of a horrible bastard when I come across new bands like this and am met with boredom, at the end of they day Posthuman Abomination are doing what they love and I can’t say they are doing it badly, they just sound like a hell of a lot of other bands. I mean if I must continue my negativity even the song titles and album artwork are average, overall one to miss.

(3/10 George Caley)