Man I love a bit of Slaughterday. This German band are super consistent in their output and I had the pleasure of reviewing their last EP 2014s “Ravenous” and this is a nifty little follow up to 2016’s  full length “Laws Of The Occult”.

Now, Slaughterday are, on the face of it, not a million miles away from many other death metal bands, but they have a certain “thing” about them that’s really appealing to me. Chunky, hyper aggressive and the vocals of Bernd Reiners are superb.

This EP contains about half an hour of gnarly death metal, comprising four new songs and two cover versions, (Amorphis and Trouble).

The new tracks “Abattoir” “Wasteland Of Demise” Phantasmal Death” and “Cursed By The Dead” are textbook Slaughterday. Atmospheric with some really cool, driving riffs. Old school in approach but with a smart contemporary execution that a lot of bigger bands would do well to take notice of.

The covers “Victim of the Insane” by Trouble,  and the Amorphis track, “Grails Mysteries” are handled really well especially the Trouble song which showcases potentially new, slower and heavier avenues that Slaughterday pull off with ease suggesting this might be a path they could go down on a couple of tracks on the next full length.

This is a kick-ass EP and if you’re new to Slaughterday then it’s a good place to start.

All in, a very deserving purchase. Looking forward to the next album lads.

(8/10 Mark Eve)