Transcending Obscurity is fast becoming one of my favourite record labels such is the depth and wealth of their current roster of bands and I can now add the curiously named Sadistik Forest from Finland to that ever growing list of bands not only from that label but also from Finland which has a knack of producing some of the most guttural and grisliest death metal bands on the planet.

“Morbid Majesties” is the bands third album and the moment it starts with “Morbid Majestic” the grating guitar will have you salivating in death metal glee due to its overt barbarity. In fact I’d say it’s one of the best guitar sounds I’ve heard in maybe the last five years or so as the drums bolster it all with a sound like an artillery barrage. The sound overall is pulverising, a superlative that is overused and misused in death metal but I can honestly say it is extremely apt as the opener is completely battering and sets the scene for 35 minutes of death metal nirvana if the likes of Grave, Bolt Thrower, Deicide are what excite you. The start of “The Hour Of Dread” has a Kataklysm like riff start with a steady pace and backing bass riff twang that props up the track before a crunching double bass assault permeates the mix. I’ve said before numerous times that death metal is not all about speed and these Finns know this as the song keeps the pace slow but oppressively heavy only increasing the tempo when needed for the lead break.

“Zero Progress” is awesome, the bass riff at the start paves the way for the guitar to evolve sequentially with the lead hook which has a slight eerie feel to it before stamping on the accelerator. I really like the drum sound on this album, alongside the sound overall, it is modern without sterility, retaining focus for all instrumentation but wielding an organic aura as the drums pound in the songs remorselessly. Another very catchy riff starts “Monsters Of Death” with its purposefully slow grinding beat gathering momentum as the double kick floods in like a cannonade and leaves only the gargantuan nine minutes of “Bones Of A Giant” to end the album. As expected it starts steadily with what I would equate to as a horror flick like sound effect and bass hooks in the background. The resulting guitar riff is permeating and slow, doom death like to some extent with the vocals being beastly and melded to a harsh style. As the track evolves it deviates to a new riff and cymbal smash with accompanying increase in speed before reverting back to the initial tempo. It deforms and contorts through this path in an Obituary like structure making the song very catchy as it then switches speed and before you know it the song is over. Anyone into any of the bands I have mentioned in my review will enjoy this but also fans of the guttural and dirty side of the genre including Swedeath should check this out.

(8.5/10 Martin Harris)