Why not have a nightmare? That’s what this album seems to be about. This wasn’t unexpected after the Swedish black metal band’s previous album “Ter Agios Numini “ (2017).

The sounds are intriguing as well as disturbing. Eeriness prevails. Merciless incantations ring out from cold churches. The post apocalyptic ghastliness of Blut aus Nord is present. The nine minute “Where Escapism Ends” erupts in a frantic drum fire, grimy old style black metal and echoing sounds of horror and terrible things. It’s unusual and striking. They call this Roman Catholic Black Metal but I don’t think they’re going to get many converts on the strength of this maelstrom of strange sounds. Voices quiver and buzz like a crowd. Dark lords preach dark utterances while overwhelming chaos sweeps through the scene of harsh winds and desolation. A distorted Latin vocal is disturbed by violent, sweeping vastness, as “Incompatible Molokh” strikes further terror. In the background there is shuddering like gunfire during an earthquake. An angelic choir appears in all this destruction and violence. “Cloud of Unknowing” is then like having one’s very existence pumped out. Reminiscent of Aborym like industrial metal, it majestically pounds out an apocalyptic path. This is followed by a sombre symphonic piece, before returning to the haunting deathly shades of “Etia Si Omnes, Ego Non”. One thing with Reverorum ib Malacht is that you get used to the terrible place, and what happens though the vast noise and the screams is that you swirl around it. In fact there isn’t anywhere else to go. This is the only problem I have. Of course it’s impressive to be constantly strangled and in the same place, but this is an artistic project and I tend to look for some breadth – I won’t say life, as “Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble” is its antithesis. The crusade continues with the dark and gloomy “(Natten Inuti) En Tagg Somm Sticke”. On it plods in the sonorific chambers, with the haunting voices and bleak guitar sound penetrating the prevailing fog. That all but brings it to an end, as the album’s short outro returns us to the sinister choral eeriness and confusion.

Reverorum ib Malacht have once again delivered a disturbing, atmospheric, never comforting and at times violent piece in “Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble”.

(7.5/10 Andrew Doherty)