Tampere, Finland is a talented place, many bands I know come from there and Evil-Lÿn are another one. A traditional heavy metal act formed 11 years ago, with a debut EP behind them in 2012. If you like Enforcer, Chastain, Satan’s Fall (also members of Evil-Lÿn) and early Maiden, then you should enjoy this one.

The opener sounds very Germanic and powerful, the gruff vocal is great, the feel of the guitars is cool. Chugging away, adding twin guitar melodies where appropriate and taking their influence from the best parts of some classic metal bands, this works very well. The fresh and heavy approach leads the listener through tales of wonder, mystery, imagination and witches! ‘Hellfire’ has some stunning melodies in the guitars, whilst ‘Tengel’ fires up the blood to boiling point with its pure metal stance. The closer ‘Valley of the Dead Witch’ is a really cool story to listen to and the music, it is very metal…

With artwork, song titles and twin guitars, akin to the sounds presented on ‘Iron On Iron’, this document of steel tends to prove that using Maiden influences to their own style whilst not copying, means that they have everything. This is how to get your metal out. Normally the Scandinavians do tend to produce more rehearsed music than others; oh this is so true here. The album is charged, aggressive and displays a really strong level of togetherness. What a find, are you buying? I think you should!

(8/10 Paul Maddison)