When you are celebrating your 20th anniversary as a band, usually the normal thing to do is release re-mastered reissues, do a live album/DVD or a special tour which may involve former members. Lamb of God instead have decided to go back to their’ Original name’ and do a covers album as a tribute to the bands they feel influenced them as musicians (can you hear any Ministry in LOG’s sound ?). I can understand the sentiment, but the name change? Either it’s a novelty fan service, or the music on this release is so fucking terrible they feel they need to ‘distance’ L.0. G ‘s name and image from it.

A name change isn’t hiding anything folks.

This covers album is terrible. If it were allowed, I would simply end things here. Instead I will try to explain just how terrible this is, in a way which is not as painful as my listening experience was: They tried to cover Ministry’s “Jesus Built My Hotrod”. Let that settle in folks, Lamb of Priest/Burn the God/Whoever tried (and spectacularly failed) to cover “Jesus Built My Hotrod”.

There are other musical crimes here; “Kerosene” by Big Black gets set on fire and left screaming for someone to euthanize it, “Kill Yourself” by S.0.D is a substandard imitation, “Honey Bucket” by the Melvins sounds nothing like the original in any way/shape/form… See a trend?

Poor vocals, St. Anger like drums, sterile guitar tone and inadequate conversions of the tracks from their Original styles to Burn this at the stake’s style make this a nasty musical experience. The fact that BTP butchered Iconic tracks just reinforces the idea that LOG did the name switch as a form of premeditated damage control. This is only for the Lamb Of God diehards.

(1/10 Fraggle)