I had been waiting on this to leave a foul taste in my ears and this “little ray of sunshine” is certainly doing so as I sit hear listening to it, sweating from the hottest day of the year whilst last night’s alcoholic ruin seeps out of my pores. This was never going to be nice no matter how approached and it culminates the porcine Norwegian’s ‘Kids World’ trilogy which started in 2014 with said titled release and continued the year after with ‘Cannibal Commando’. Released like them as EP’s available on cassette and digitally it is time to step back into the grim industrial torment with 5 uncomfortable listening tracks that are described as “pure industrial pop brilliance.” Be warned if approaching the listening link at the bottom of this review this is pop to top yourself to and dream about genocide and all the world’s ills. I reckon ‘industrial snuff pop; would be a better description for those intent on making up new genres.

The project is helmed by Kim Solve who is known in extreme metal circles for his album artwork, which you are bound to have in your compact disc or record collection under the Trine + Kim Design Studio banner, with the help of assorted swine such as Mr. B,. Anders B & Bjeima. If you thought he had a bit of a warped mind through his work in that field, wait till you get a load of his music. The title track thuds slowly in with mechanised drums and sinister, near whispered vocals. You try to make sense of the words but will already be uncomfortable knowing it is probably best that you don’t. An Arabic sounding Middle Eastern motif brings melody and considering themes developed over the trilogy it is impossible not to get images of children being sent out for the slaughter in the name of religion. Musically think a bit of The Sisterhood whose Jihad brought similar themes, the nasty work of UK industrial act Khost a myriad of others. They All Died With Spit On Their Faces’ is an excellent title which just leaves a sinister throbbing soundscape with a martial spiked edge to do its talking. ‘Pig Boy No. II’ sounds like an alien swarm landing as it warps and wails around hefty synthesized sonic sound and a voice disconcertingly talks about “pain.” It’s not nice and is reminiscent of everything from Throbbing Gristle to Whitehouse as the sound and vocals set about “draining you” and the words “daddy’s boy” send a real chill down the spine.

‘Bolt Hemmer Kiss’ drives the pain further between the eyes with thudding beats sounding a bit like Aphex Twin having a bad trip. It’s possibly the hit of the gruesome bunch with its robotic “bang, bang, bang” vocal line; well a hit in the slaughterhouse whilst unspeakable acts are committed that is. Serving as finale is ‘Sicko’ which brings some techno etched beats to the table and mutated synthesized vocals. A tone stabs its way sharply through it all and invades the brain and it has a definite feel behind it of some of the twisted work of Skinny Puppy and G.G.F.H., especially when the creepy main stalking melody pervades.

I haven’t yet listened to all 3 EP’s in a row, I will get around to it at some point and in some frame of mind that is best left for prior commitment to a psychiatric hospital. You could give this one a try at the link below, but don’t say you were not warned. With this trilogy complete I can only shudder at the thought of what sort of ghastly musical arts Blitzkrieg Baby are dreaming up next.

(7.5/10 Pete Woods)