Headed up by Chris Reifert (Autopsy) there is a spattering of releases from Violation Wound who formed in 2014 when I reviewed the bands self-titled debut of which I was very complimentary with its no nonsense skin stripping punk rock. This second full length continues that theme only they’ve added battery acid to the concoction that makes the music border on the crust genre. Chris is joined by bassist Joe Orterry and drummer Matt O’Connell for a 20 song album that is nothing short of cranium pounding with a baseball bat like Negan has in The Walking Dead only this band has hammered six inch nails through theirs as opposed to barbed wire. The songs are shorter as well, with most near the one minute mark kicking off with “Humanity Burning”. The speed isn’t blasted, instead the tempo is a steady beating with the bass forcefully pumped into the song and the guitar grisly gutting the track and the vocals growling as opposed to shouting. Chris plays guitar like before as ‘Vortex’ produces the punk credentials with an incendiary riff and high velocity pace as a squealing guitar break also suggests some dirty rock tendencies too.

Punk continues into “Fearmonger” which sees the tempo retained before “Dangerous Idiot” appears and the first of the longer tunes, well its over two minutes, and starts with a good build up on the drum work. The bass is awesome here with a clanging sound that pulses into the track as the guitar riff has a slight d-beat structure. “Ruining Everything That’s In The Way” was nearly over by the time I wrote this sentence and is wholly battering and followed by the catchy torpedoing riff of “God’s Plan” and its very metal double kick.

“Stalemate Suicide” has a catchy drive escalating towards something but you’re not quite sure what and when it arrives the sudden surge in speed is excellent but it’s the bass I loved the best about it. “Unhinged World” has breakneck lead work that you’d find on an old Motörhead album lashed out by Fast Eddie. “Two Middle Fingers Whiskey And Beer” is exactly what you’d expect it to sound like, high speed, snapping drums, pumping bass and scything riffing. The start to “Stoking The Fires Of Chaos” is great, much slower before stamping on the gas and hurtling the song into pandemonium. The vocals have a slight echo on the album but are very noticeable on this song and work perfectly as this tune has that crust angle I mentioned earlier. Riff of the album for me is the one on “Twisted Up Inside” because it’s so damn vicious and as the album ends with the title track clocking at the epic duration of nearly three minutes. The track is remorseless though I felt it had an inkling of AC/DC on the riff in places (“Let There Be Rock” guys?) though I’m not sure the band would agree; just my thoughts. The lead is another Motörhead like one as the song just beats the listener into submission.

If you want a no nonsense punk fuelled bludgeoning album then this is it. Want to release some aggression, then listen to this. Be warned however if you’re an Autopsy fan this is not like Autopsy at all though sound wise it does have that dirty filth you are accustomed to.

(9/10 Martin Harris)