Supergroups aren’t a new idea, but are they always a good idea? A vast number of highly creative individuals crammed into one space with influences and styles running amok may sound like a recipe for success but it can potentially end in disaster. That being said it can also result in total perfection, one such case being Nightmares Made Flesh by the almighty Bloodbath an album which I hold in regard as one of the greatest Death Metal albums ever written. Going on the less heavy, more mainstream side of things also Murderdolls I have always considered to be thoroughly enjoyable so I guess for me on the whole supergroups are a great idea.

A supergroup newcomer waits in our midst though, Epic Doom Metallers Godthrymm from Halifax in the UK. Bringing together existing and former members of such bands as My Dying Bride, Vallenfyre, Solstice, Malediction and Anathema, so a very strong and broad spectrum indeed. They have stepped onto the stage with their first EP A Grand Reclamation put out through Transcending Records, a four track splattering of Doom for the masses, but will this collection of masters of their arts go down as perfect or a mere flop?

Opening proceedings is probably the strongest song on the EP, the title track A Grand Reclamation which displays elements of progression, hard hitting prowess, stunning clean vocals from Hamish Glencross and simplistic but destruction musicianship particularly in the guitar and bass riffs. This level of melodic destruction carries throughout the three long powerhouse tracks of this EP, epic, hypnotic, emotive, beautiful I could go on this is a real treat for not only Doom fans but Metal fans in general. I would absolutely recommend this to newcomers of the genre.

The melancholic themes and tones displayed elevate this EP on a podium of total Doom Metal bliss, there are no elements here that are out of place, perhaps except for the rather unnecessary fourth instrumental track which would have probably served better as an introduction to the EP. Nevertheless I cannot point faults or pick holes in the overall success of this EP, it is certainly one I will be keeping an eye on and listening to for some time to come. With various gig and festival dates already booked for Godthrymm I can see them picking up a good number of fans.

So there we have it another supergroup success story, a backing of massive musical achievements from all members has been thrown into the melting pot of metallic devastation to creating an ear catching EP that only leaves the listener lusting after more vile waves of melodious fantastical Doom. Prepare for more in the future and let us all gather together to bare witness to the beginning of this hopefully long lived project

(8/10 George Caley)