I have followed this German band since their first Bandcamp release, in fact over the last couple of years, this source has been excellent for finding new artists. This is their latest 4-track MLP, released on Dying Victims productions, a great label I know well as does my wallet through their mail-order catalogue! I digress, back to the band. Citing references in the PR material are akin to what I have thought in the past, namely Winterhawk, Thin Lizzy and for the last track on this release, AC/DC. Guitarist Simon Siantidis was a guest appearance with Ashbury at the Keep it True festival recently, whilst other members used to be in Speedbreaker (a greatly missed band I might add).

A blue’s heavy influence is the key to this release accompanied by a soothing female vocal (Laura Vesprini) that sometimes drift you onto another plateau as a result of the warmth of the music. This is very much present on the opener ‘Ethelred, Hero of Trist’. When ‘The Yellow King’ stakes his claim to the release, the feel quickly develops with ‘Blood worth Its Weight in Gold’ goes straight for the late 60’s British blues explosion, taking in the usual suspects, but more importantly defining their own take on this influence. ‘Firewater’ is something AC/DC blasted out in the late 70’s with Bon Scott, there’s a similar stance and if you listen closely, a similar interpretation to this “Riff Raff” is fast and furious and classic in its sound. This is a nice end and quite out of sorts with the three former tracks based on pace and raw aggression. Earlier tunes are more classy, refined and precise.

Overall, Cherokee could be lumped on some cool tours, there’s a nice level of excitement gleamed from the music and based on my previous and current admiration for their music, they should travel far. This perhaps is the most mature effort to date, certainly with the production quality. For those interested in delving further, check out their bandcamp site.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)