This satanic, punk, black metal band hail all the way from the icy depths of Finland, and they are now ready to unleash another slab of hellish, abhorrent black art upon us.

‘Life Beyond The Walls Of Flesh’ starts with ‘Imbibing The Seas Of Darkness’ and introduces us to crunching guitar riffs and powerful vocals, which kicks you in the tympanics right from the offset. Black Mass Pervertor have a demonic sound and they are almost enchanting in their persona.

‘The Golden Spears’ is an all-out onslaught from the offset, and has massive demonic, blackened vocals, which are laid to a backbone of ferocious fretwork, and pulsating drums, which tie it all together with seemingly ease.  The track doesn’t let up, or give you a moment to pause and take breath, until the final guttural growl echoes out.

‘Suffering Our Everlasting Bliss’ is slower in its approach, yet not an ounce less evil in its construction. The vocals are prominent again and they are backed up with some raspy guitar work from these blackened Finns. The drum work on show is majestic and powerful and gives the whole beast its pulsating tachycardia.

The band keep up the satanic grooves, and guttural vocal work, in the same vain throughout ‘Behind All His Atrocious Deeds’ and ‘Chains Of Guilt’ until ‘The Forbidden Path’ brings a close to the proceedings, and the malevolent monster is slowed down on this one, with the track starting off at a more sauntering pace before it kicks in mid song, and they turn up the speed, while still keeping their raspy rawness.

This is the bands second EP since their inception, and only their fourth release since it all started in 1998, the other 2 being a demo and a full length album, ‘Phanerosis’ in 2016. This release sounds to have a better production in general to the other releases, and the sound quality is much improved.

Following the 7 tracks of sinful perversion, you will feel truly battered and beaten, but there potentially is an underlying, addiction causing facet, which will make you press for the play button again and again and again. If you like your black metal raw and satanic, grab this now.

(9/10 Phil Pountney)