I love it when promo blurb describes an album as “highly anticipated”. Usually I’ve never even heard of the band and any amount of anticipation is probably only felt by the bands mums….. maybe.

Not so with these Brazilian Venom fans whose fourth album “Merciless Artillery” has come out only a year or so after “Only Filth Will Prevail” which was an utter stormer, full of Motorvenom inspired punky blackened speed metal. It’s good to know that not much has changed in the bands Rio clubhouse and that makes me a happy chap!

This, their first full length LP for the excellent Hells Headbangers Records features brilliant cover art and a sexed up logo, both courtesy of Rok, the vocalist of legendary Aussie band Sadistik Execution. As well as the tarted up logo, Hugo Golon, the bands long time live drummer has taken over on guitars too leaving band founder Victor / Whipstriker able to concentrate on bass and vocal duties. This hasn’t changed the bands gutter-punk rough sound too much though, this is still all the blackened speed metal you need. Heavy, fast and corrosive tracks like the brilliant “Soldier Of Sodom” driven by some awesome, nailed down d-beat drumming showcase a slight progression in song-writing which, if anything, has added to the intensity displayed on previous releases often veering off into more black metal infused territories than before and reminding me of the great Aura Noir.

This album is very aptly titled. The caustic Lemmy-ish vocals as well as the wicked speed metal leads and simple, filthy riffs on most tracks ensure smack like addictiveness and maximum replays. This is a true Bestial Hurricane of and album. Lovely stuff.

(8/10 Mark Eve)