Strange. A short EP, re-release five years on from a 7″ turned into CD with a bonus Grave cover ‘Soulless’ on it, from a band still ‘on hiatus’. Great cover art from Basic Art suggesting some real old school rotting shenanigans though.

Actually as the long rumble intro of the title track comes in its fair to say that this is a little cleaner than the dirty muck I was expecting; not exactly pristine tech death but just good old solid, heavy riffing with thoughtful time changes and distinctive vocals. Solid pure death metal. ‘Mindcreeper’ follows a similar pattern, smashing through to some real speed, dropping into a breakdown and actually getting a neat deathgroove going. A little treble high melody even cuts in.

‘Soulless’ is a chugging, spirited cover. Less bombastic than the original but maybe a little more bounce. Great vocals here again. You can see why they chose it too, very in keeping with their own sound.

It is a little difficult to mark this. At under twenty minutes it is a slight release but it does show Goregast have enough bite and spite for it to be worthwhile them returning should they ever consider it. It’s an enjoyable bit of death, worth a look and if you’re a diehard fan probably worth it for the cover version.

 (6.5/10 Gizmo)