Having averaged an album a year in his 14 year career span under the guise Gnaw Their Tongues, alongside involvement in a massive six other musical projects, Mories is easily the busiest man in European alternative music. Never being too busy to be innovative, ‘Genocidal Majesty’, the follow up to 2016’s ‘Hymns for the Broken, Swollen and Silent’, is one of GTT’s most ambitious releases to date.

While the last few records have played around with how far Mories can push the envelope when it comes to mixing harsh noise with black metal, this latest album is an exploration of the extremities GTT can reach solely within the experimental spectrum of noise. Tracks such as ‘Ten Bodies Hanging’ are a full on sonic assault, with a white noise wall of feedback overlaid with pre-programmed metallic sounding percussion and Mories’ torturous, strangled screams. ‘The Doctrine of Paranoid Seraphims’ is perhaps the best song on the entire opus – featuring vocals from The Body’s Chip King, this strengthens GTT’s flirtation with noise and experimental music even further, with both Chip’s and Mories’ voices combining to create a noise that’s completely devastating in its intensity.

It’s without a doubt that Gnaw Their Tongues is a project that is seminal within its genre – the fact that acts such as The Body and Dragged into Sunlight have collaborated with Mories is proof of that. With no signs of Mories slowing down yet, the horror and the curiosity lies within which direction he’ll take this project next.

(7.5/10 Angela Davey)