One man atmospheric black metal band Bron from Edinburgh via New Zealand have release quite a few things digitally but this is a classy digipak CD from those nice Wolfspell people of his late 2017 album. It’s long too, three songs coming in between just over twenty and just under thirty minutes each, so this is a serious journey we undertake.

Apparently inspired by a recent trip back home, this explores the themes of death and decay in New Zealand’s wilderness. After a long spoken, muttered intro ‘Nebula Muriel’ opens out into a keyboard driven track. It’s slow, introspective stuff, touches of early Burzum flecked throughout an epic sound that seemingly pulls in influences from Summoning to Midnight Configuration, maybe even just a pinch of early Mortiis. It’s not in a hurry to take you anywhere other than onwards, windings its own solitary way through the landscape. It’s quiet, thoughtful music and intriguing despite the length.

‘Through Obsidian Teeth’ draws a little ‘Dunkelheit’ in (the song, not one of his other bands) but wrapped in warmer keyboards. Although it never loses that keyboard refrain, it breaks out into some much more dense black metal, harsh vocals and riffs with epic guitar sweeps like Summoning and a journey over wild landscapes and down to the cold sea. It’s pretty rousing music, great folds to gather you up and pull you along into. It mellows out by about halfway, slower and more considered, more dreamlike before leaving.

The title track ends, a grey skies soundscape ebbing with the tide. It’s like a drawn out last breath, a little death rattle with the harsh vocals coming in, before drawing on a final tempest to sweep it all away.

This is very accomplished music. Definitely for fans of the epic in black metal, it nevertheless has enough of a journey to keep you interested, ideas and eddies of sound and storm amidst the graceful progression. With lovely packaging too, definitely worth the physical release. And your time of course.

Thoughtful, epic, and with that thousand yard state into the distance, It’s well worth an indulgence.

(8/10 Gizmo)