I was lucky enough to get hold of the album “Metal To The Bone” by Polish leather & stud enthusiasts Warfist last year and it couldn’t have had a more appropriate title so when the opportunity arose to write about this new 8 track split EP with fellow Poles Excidium I was pretty chuffed. If you liked “Metal To The Bone” then you know what to expect here. An unhealthy concoction of Venom, Nunslaughter, Motorhead and early Kreator & Slayer dripping in reverb soaked authenticity, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was some unearthed late 80’s demo instead of a 2018 release but you know what, I’m loving it. The four tracks here (which include “Angel Death” a Dodheimsgard cover with, shall we say, an “entertaining” take on the solo near the end) show zero progression from the last album and that’s what I want from Warfist. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it lads. Songs like  “Debauchery (Dirty Little Bitch)”  and “Sadistic Whorefuck”, apart from ensuring they won’t be asked to perform at the next women’s march, are catchy, fist-pumping & blasphemous and full of spite. Lovely stuff.

By contrast Excidium have more of a classic Euro-thrash sound. Think Assassin / Exumer with some really gnarly solos, killer songwriting and a solid production job. “Veil Of Stagnation” is an utter thrash classic. Honest Guv…… give it a listen, if it doesn’t have you lacing up those Converse hi-tops, donning your denim vest (with original “Bonded By Blood” back patch in my case) and throwing yourself off your wardrobe I’ll refund you. Following Warfist’s example, Excidium chuck in a brilliant cover of Impaled Nazarene’s “Karmageddon Warriors” which is just as vicious and goat-bothering as the Finnish pervs original. They also have a vocalist named Cuntreaper…..so don’t expect to see them sharing a stage with Pussy Riot any time soon.

It’s not that often that you’d call a split release “essential” but I loved this. A total (bullet) belter. Buy or die.

(9/10 Mark Eve)