Recently I have found myself enamored by Bestial Black Metal or War Metal if you like. Raw untamed, relentless Black Metal with a heavy Death Metal influence taking inspiration from the beginnings of Extreme Metal with an excessive worship towards the barbaric tones of Hellhammer, Archgoat, Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust and the like. This might all sound a bit muddy, messy and vile, quite frankly it is and Provocator wallow in it.

Starting out as a one man project from Hellscream of Bleeding Fist fame Provocator have since expanded since their 2014 debut Antikristus with the addition of Lord Astaroth on vocals. The Kurgaall frontman appears to bring a new edge to this unholy tome of sickening ritualistic War Metal but does Satan, Chaos, Blood And Terror render us helpless at the bloody claws of Satan?

It most certainly does from the offset this catatonic whirlwind of hellish impurity drenches us in fetid waste. The opening Slayer inspired shriek of General Commander Baphomet tears open the gates to the underworld unleashing a plethora of down trodden Lo-Fi War Metal worship with a memorable flare. This spark of memorability stays strong through songs like Iron Horned Baphomet and Black Seal Of Damnation. The anthemic passages are kept alive by Lord Astaroth’s sheer vocal torment, pushing us from pillar to post with guttural Bestial Warlust grunts and violent traditional Black Metal cackles, not to mention the pure and undiluted “Ughs!” torn straight from the vocal chords of Tom G Warrior.

Vocals aside this release boasts a wealth of trudging guitar work. From the more catchy, haunting tones of Anno Vulgaris MDCXXX to the Conqueror worship of the demonic title track. A barrage of old school Extreme Metal is present here, wrapped together in a tattered and torn package with hideous production akin to the early demo tapes of Torgeist but with a bolstered ambiance.

To summarize Satan, Chaos, Blood And Terror reeks of the stench of the days of old, dig out those dusty Bathory, Beherit and Sarcofago records, war has truly begun. At points this album plummets into a painful torment of bestial noise that surely even the likes of Revenge would doth their caps to. If you like fast, goat worshiping hellfire for the ear drums, this is for you.

(8/10 George Caley)