This US band formed in 2010 by ex-members of Dark Angel and Eldritch, now with a different line up, we get to their latest release ‘All Men Shall Fall’. I realised I have actually seen these live, they supported Raven recently throughout Europe, although I have to admit, it isn’t something I remember well.

With new vocalist David Reed Watson (Rage of Angels) now in tow, the vocal range is quite expansive, as is the music. It begins in a thrash vein and develops into a more progressive beast, not that dissimilar to Nevermore in places, especially with some guitar time signatures and vocal lines. ‘The Addition’ starts out harsh, making a promising start to the release whilst the following title track begins the musical experimentation as I describe it. The warmth of the acoustic intro to ‘A Re-Imagining’ feels good, and then as it develops into a straight hard rocker, I feel the album is more balanced from this point onwards. Previous tracks I’ve felt confused by the musical style and presentation. By this I mean there is a lot going on, as it’s not really a release I would normally entertain. But that said, it’s not terrible, I simply find it a touch hit and miss. This ushering into a new direction and expansion of an already broad sound had led to a level of distraction. It does sound very 1990’s, when bands decided to change and become more technical in the wake of a change of fortunes of their original style.

Of course, no one can argue with the musicianship, the work is precise and ripping in places. I feel it’s an album more in tune with those who prefer a more progressive and musician prowess related release, rather than a hook laden release that’s repeatable.

(6.5/10 Paul Maddison)