While having formed 25 years ago, I’m only familiar with Ektomorf’s last 15 years of work and must admit that it has been rather consistent and I doubt those early observations shall be going away any time soon. But hey-ho, if you find a formula that works and you enjoy it, then I guess sticking to it makes sense. It would also appear that Zoltán Farkas has had yet another complete line-up change since 2015’s ‘Aggressor’ with Szebasztián Simon, Attila Asztalos and Dániel Szabó now taking care of guitar, bass and drums respectively.

They open the album with rapidly buzzing guitars which are quickly joined by even more rapidly pounded drums on “The Prophet Of Doom”, but they still manage to throw in plenty of breakdowns and groove with a very fast lead.

Maintaining the fast kick drum with a steadily beaten snare, “AK 47” does have the occasional machine gun blast while Zoltán’s slowly chanted vocals give the song a bouncy feel which they carry over onto the title track “Fury” where the guitar buzz is made even heavier by the that of the bass along with the rather angrily spat out vocals.

“Bullet In Your Head” has a slowish choppy beat with the odd tribal drum fill to go with the rolling guitar rhythm that “Faith And Strength” slows down further but makes even heavier at the same time, then litters with leads.

Picking up the pace again, “Infernal Warfare” has a really sharp snare sound that snaps through the guitars and gives the vocals a pacemaker.

More mid paced, but heavier and with even deeper vocals, “Tears Of Christ” drives along without fuss until “Blood For Blood” takes over and the constantly changing drum fills use the chugging guitars and chanted vocals to keep pace.

The buzzing guitars are now punctuated by false harmonics on “If You’re Willing To Die” as it retains a slow and steady tempo until “Skin Them Alive” finally takes off at its blistering pace and ends the album as it began. Fast and furious.

All in all, as stated from the get go, they have a formula, but as long as they are able to keep it interesting while using it, then why change.

(7/10 Marco Gaminara)