Nice album title…..trips of the tongue a treat doesn’t it? You might think I’m being sarcastic here but compared to their 2003 debut “Agonizing Journey Through The Burning Universe And Transcendental Ritual Of Transfiguration” it really does.

This Polish bunch of Satan botherers have been upsetting typists and Christians alike since 2001 with their bestial blackened death metal and obsession with ludicrous album titles but this is my first exposure to them and ya know what? They’re pretty decent.

Now as much as I wanna call them pretentious wankers (Master Of Depraved Dreaming And Emperor Of The Black Abyss The Great Lord Hzlulquolgmzhah Cxoxkluth – drums ….. I’m not kidding) I really dig this album. Atmospheric with an overall tone of impending dread without being doom-metal slow, this bunch remind me a teensy bit of Archgoat with their primal sound but with a much more sophisticated approach to the song writing.

Album opener “The Promethean Blood” has a really bombastic and tribal feel to it. The vocals of…. deep breath….. Archangel Of Evil Spells, Morbid Priest Of Arcane Perfection And Necrosodom (you just know his name’s Pete and he works at Netto right?) are both largely intelligible and terrifyingly savage. His guitar work is likewise spot on. The riffs are infectious and every one of the ten songs on offer have a unique approach while maintaining the overall air of spooky malevolence which ensure maximum replays.  From the furious “I Hail His Name” to the epic martial stomp driven album closer “Void Of The Abyss”….(what does that even mean?) the band seamlessly blend thrash, black and death metal in their cauldron and spit it straight into your face.  At times the band can sound on the verge of losing it such as on the sub three minute blastathon “His Light Shines Upon Me” and my personal fave and album yell-a-long “Blend Into Satan” but always manage to swerve just in time to avoid disappearing off the cliff into a musical car crash. These lads know exactly what they’re doing and, despite the fucking daft album title and member names, they ooze supreme diabolical confidence.

Well worth a listen in my book.

(8/10 Mark Eve)