I wasn’t familiar with this Swedish DM band before receiving this EP (the follow up release to their 2013 debut album “Dermal Harvest”) but a quick bit of research made them sound like a pretty tasty prospect being formed of members / former members of Wombbath , Vicious, the brilliant Firespawn and Sabaton. I’m quite the fan of Swedish death metal and always preferred the riff and groove based approach of the “Stockholm” bands over the melodic and shall we say….a bit poncey groups that epitomised the “Gothenburg” sound. On this 5 track (6 if you count the intro) EP Skineater offer a little from column A and a little from column B.

“Anthropomorphic Memorandum” is a disturbing, keyboard lead intro which leads straight into “Sociopathic Enlightenment” a fast and thrashy opener with a mid paced bridge and some great, pounding drumming from Jon Scare. It brings to mind old Hypocrisy a bit. Now, it’s a good track but I’d have gone for a different opener…..

“A Woman Will Die In The North” is next and, for me is a bit of a dull, filler track. It starts off promisingly with a decent riff and again some top drumming but becomes a bit meandering and it just left me a bit cold.

“Sentinels Of Misery” is a bit more like it and is kinda In Flames meets Unleashed and far more interesting than the former track.

“Compost Planet” next. This is my favourite. A great track and I’d have had it as an opener. Aggressive catchy riffing with Daniel Wahlstrom’s caustic roar commanding your attention.

Finishing you off (oooer!) is “Labelled; Confidential”. A total change of pace. A slow, doomy and melancholic track that has some great melodic soloing amongst the overall vibe of solemnity.

Overall, while far from perfect or essential, this is a decent EP and Skineater exhibit an impressive depth to their songwriting.

(7/10 Mark Eve)