Chances are, unless you have no job / family / life and spend every waking hour scouring the internet for the latest in underground extreme music, that you have probably never heard of Alaskans….Sex Dumpster.

The band name itself conjures an image of a group of middle-aged German drunks, with big perms and /or mullets, wearing double denim & playing party metal anthems in an early morning slot at Wacken.

Some of the track names seem to reinforce this. “Bible Up Your Ass”,  “Shit On My Grave” and the charmingly titled “Cunt World” ensure a niche audience and perhaps only limited success on the wedding & bah mitzva circuits.

Well don’t judge a book by its cover or its…. er…… song titles this is some seriously effective and nihilistic black metal. Dirty, crusty and fucking nasty, along similar lines to Carpathian Forest and Nattefrost’s solo work,

Essentially a two man project consisting of main man Hiram Lohr (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keys) and Slovenian drummer Gregor Plamberger, “Lord Alcohol” is their debut album. Hiram’s previous project, Thousand Year War released a well-received album in 2011 “Tyrants And Men” however a couple of years later the members went their separate ways and here we are with Sex Dumpster and I’ve not heard an album as totally corrosive as this in ages. Piss soaked punky riffage, reverbed to fuck vocals and a murderous attitude combine to make this album the soundtrack to some real weapons grade depravity.

Shades of early Killing Joke pop up every now and then (especially in the title track) and it comes to something when a GG Allin cover (I kill Everything I Fuck) brings you some breathing space and sounds positively uplifting compared to the bands own material.

Now, if you’ve read some of my rambles before you’ll know I’m not the biggest black metal fan but I’m really taken with Sex Dumpster (can’t believe I wrote that). The raw and spiteful punked up backbone of this album along with the decent production – raw BM doesn’t have to mean it sounds like it was recorded on a reel to reel stuffed in a sack under the floor boards – and the catchy bleakness of the songs make “Lord Alcohol” a really addictive listen.

See you in Cunt World.

(8/10 Mark Eve)