This is extreme progressive art, a combination of extreme metal, progressive, avant-garde and post rock music. Deconstructing Sequence fell out of the ashes of the black metal band Northwail.

The title is grandiose. So is the energy-charged start which soars through the roof and sounds like a thunderously metallic version of The Algorithm. The overt chaos is imbued with great theatre. An echoing spoken voice and a kind of chorus meekly interpose on an overwhelmingly heavy and complex instrumental performance. The popping drum is in danger of exploding. Thus “Lifeforce Awakens”. The harsh guitar line of “V4641 Sgr” reminds me of Rammstein. An impressive wall of cosmic violence smothers a techno sound. There’s something attractive about this maelstrom of noise and chaos. The dark techno holds it together. The whole soundscape has a cinematic quality, reminiscent of the Nordic Giants. A dark and distant voice signals a sombre start to “Memories of the Sun, Memories of the Earth”. Cosmic communication takes place in a sinister setting, before an uncontrolled explosion invades the already disturbed scene. Techno, death metal drumming and the outright extreme metal of Aborym and the like all merge to create this devastation.

The electro-death intensity continues with “My Way to the Stars”. The Polish narrator vividly conveys with menace and venom the idea of ice-cold fluid passing through his veins. But as well as having menace, this is exciting. “Dark Matter” adds further extremity and dark, deathly, twirling clouds. The shadowy spoken vocals are used to good effect again. The measured melancholy, which ends the track, could have gone on for longer, I thought. Archetypically Polish blackened death invades the creepy “Luminous (In the Process of Merging)” while provides extra twists and turns, ghastly narration, instrumental colour, choral loftiness and the ubiquitous all-round extremity. This is pungent, driving and energetic yet broken up into sections, which are marked by the narrator’s ominous tones. “Heading to the Virgo Constellation” bursts through the floor while somehow managing to retain an ethereal quality in all this dark-as-pitch metal, headbanging mayhem. Poles know how to do harshness, and this is here too. This electro-metal punishment is sheer enjoyment and totally magnetic. Once cranked up, “Supernova (The Battle for Matter Begins)” has “attack” written all over it. Electro-waves, ear-popping drumming, a choral symphony, imperious authority and a relentless wall of noise accompany the fury. It’s a thrilling ride and really is like being in the middle of a battle. The cyber metal “Run Starchild …. You Are Free Now!” serves as an extended outro, and relinquishes some of the intensity, which is otherwise the hallmark of this monstrous album. Having been on such a high for such a long time, this instrumental track, although immaculately played, was a bit of a comedown and the only moment of disappointment on this otherwise pulsating album.

This one of the most uniquely powerful and multi-layered albums I have heard in a while. While doing justice to the cosmic element of the title, this is at the same time a ferocious and extreme rendition. Sticking to its galactic theme, the music never lets up in intensity while giving a dark and visual creative experience of turbulence and horror. I look forward to Deconstructing Sequence’s next extreme progressive art adventure.

(8.5/10 Andrew Doherty)